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WMO also manages and hosts the following forums associated with operation of the Aircraft-based and AMDAR observing systems:

Forum Category/Type Description
ABO & AMDAR Newsletter Newsletter

The Community Platform hosts the ABO & AMDAR Newsletters.

For subscription, go to the WMO Email Groups site - complete form & subscribe to: wmo-aircraft-observations-news

WMO Aircraft Based Observations Yammer Group Discussion forum WMO administered forum for discussion of issues relating to the WMO ABOP, AMDAR and the WMO-IATA Collaborative AMDAR Programme (WICAP) 
WMO Aircraft Observations Focal Points email list Email list

WMO email list for WMO Aircraft-based Observation Focal Points.

Focal Points are added to this group by the Secretariat upon official nomination by WMO Member Permanent Representatives with WMO.

WMO Aircraft Observations Data Monitoring email list Email list

This WMO email list providing WMO Members with information on aircraft-based and AMDAR data quality monitoring. The forum is used for posting of monthly data quality monitoring reports and ad hoc discussion on data quality issues. The forum is available to AMDAR Focal Points and GTS users and managers of aircraft-based observational data.


  1. Go to the WMO email group subscription site.
  2. Complete form and request subscription to: wmo-aircraft-observations-data-monitoring