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Aircraft-Based Observations Manuals and Guides

Manuals and Guides



COMET AMDAR Learning Module

AMDAR & ABO Papers & References


Reference Description & Comments
WMO-No.1200, Guide to Aircraft-Based Observations (2017 edition) The WMO Guide to Aircraft-Based Observations supports WMO members with guidance on the derivation, management and provision on the WMO Information Systems of meteorological observations made from aircraft platforms. In particular it describes and provides guidance on the provision of data and best practice operation of the WMO AMDAR observing system. It additionally provides guidance on the management of other aircraft-based observations that might be derived from ICAO aircraft reports and from privately operated aircraft-based observing systems.
WMO-No. 1160, Manual on WIGOS The most recent version of the Manual on WIGOS as approved by the 18th WMO Congress is currently available on the Cg-18 site. This contains the regulations integrated from the old Manual on the GOS.
WMO-No. 1165, Guide to WIGOS See in particular section 3.3.3 Airborne stations/platforms.
WMO Guide to Meteorological Instruments and Methods of Observations, WMO-No. 8 (2014)

Guidance for aircraft-based observations is available in:

  • PART II, Chapter 3, Aircraft Observations



Reference Description & Comments
WMO Manual on the Global Observing System, WMO-No- 544

Sections relevant to Aircraft-based Observations:

  • PART III, Section 2.6 Aircraft Meteorological Stations
WMO Guide to the Global Observing System, WMO-No. 488

Sections relevant to Aircraft-based Observations:

  • PART III, Section 3.4 Aircraft Meteorological Stations
AMDAR Panel Flyer Aircraft Meteorological DAta Relay, The International AMDAR Program - Developed by the WMO AMDAR Panel and published by DWD, this publication is somewhat dated and does contain non-technical information that is no longer current and correct but the technical information is still relevant and useful.
AMDAR Reference Manual WMO-No. 958, 2003

Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay (AMDAR) Reference Manual- Developed by the WMO AMDAR Panel and published by WMO in 2003. Material in this document has now been either superceded or has been migrated into the WMO WIGOS regulatory material and the Guide on Instruments and Methods of Observation, WMO-No 8. For detailed guidance on aircraft-based observations, Members are now directed to the WMO-No.1200, Guide to Aircraft-Based Observations (2017 edition)