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Aviation | Governance | Coordinators and Focal Points

Coordinators and focal points

In addition to the technical experts directly contributing to the activities of the Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI) and its subsidiary bodies, other technical experts serving as SC-AVI Coordinators and Focal Points, across an array of specialist areas, lead certain activities for the Committee and/or keep the Committee periodically apprised of developments in their respective area.

SC-AVI Coordinators:

 Specialist area  First name  Last name  Affiliation (Country)
Strategy Stephanie WIGNIOLLE DESBIOS France
Strategy Kent JOHNSON Canada
Governance Jun RYUZAKI Japan
Governance Kaspar BUCHER-STUDER Switzerland
Communications and Outreach Marina PETROVA Russian Federation
Capacity Development James LUNNY New Zealand


SC-AVI Focal Points:

 Specialist area  First name  Last name  Affiliation (Country)
<Under development>      


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