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Expert Team on Aeronautical Meteorological Hazards Science

A subsidiary body of the Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI)

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To contribute to the promotion, facilitation and advocacy of scientific and technological research and innovation to improve the observation, forecasting and warning of aeronautical meteorological hazards, including appropriate pilot projects, to meet evolving user requirements for aeronautical meteorological information and services.


 First name  Last name  Role  Nominated by  Affiliation
Sum Yee (Sharon) LAU Co-Chair Hong Kong, China Hong Kong Observatory (HKO)
Matt STRAHAN Co-Chair United States of America National Weather Service (NWS)
Emile JANSONS Core Expert Australia Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)
Maria Rosa PONS Core Expert Spain Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET)
Michiko IKEDA Core Expert Japan Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)
Morné GIJBEN Core Expert South Africa South African Weather Service (SAWS)
Piers BUCHANAN Core Expert United Kingdom UK Met Office (UKMO)

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Operating Plan

The Operating Plan of ET-MHS comprising the objectives, modalities of work, groups of relevance, expected outputs and activities is available here.


The ET-MHS convenes quarterly video-teleconferences and, when required, periodic face-to-face meetings. The reports arising from the face-to-face meetings are publicly available here

EliosCloud Collaboration Platform

The ET-MHS EliosCloud collaboration platform (member access only) is accessible here.

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