Workshop on Good Practices for Implementation of the Climate Services Information System

The Climate Services Information System (CSIS) is the operational backbone of GFCS and a principal mechanism to routinely collate, store, process information about past, present, and future climates that is made available from global to regional to national levels to support climate services around the world. In recent years there has been a notable progress towards operationalization of CSIS under guidance and coordination of the Implementation Coordination Team for CSIS (ICT-CSIS) of the Commission for Climatology (CCl). A Technical Reference Document (TRD) on CSIS implementation has been drafted, which provides a high-level reference for the Climate Services Information System’s (CSIS) basic technical functions and their interlinkages, largely to be integrated into basic WMO infrastructure by expanding the portfolios of WIGOS, WIS and GDPFS. Therefore, the document provides a rather WMO-centric view; it is intended, however, to provide flexibility to add relevant activities and good practices on CSIS implementation at regional and national level.

The ICT-CSIS proposed to organize a Workshop on Good Practices for Implementation of the CSIS to be held on 13-15 February 2020 in Pune, India hosted by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology. The aim of the Workshop is to discuss the status of implementation of CSIS and identify good practices on its implementation at global, regional and national scale, and to reflect them in the Technical Reference Document. The participation will include a number of members from the ICT-CSIS, invited experts from different regions, including South America, Africa and South Asia regions, as well as concerned WMO Secretariat staff, who facilitated the CSIS implementation process. The expected outcomes of the workshop: to finalize the Technical Reference Document; to agree on the way forward to scaling up the identified good practices in other regions; to identify ways to fully exploit CSIS national focal points network.