World Data Centres

World Data Centres

Presently, there are seven GAW World Data Centres (WDCs) each responsible for archiving one or more GAW measurement parameters or measurement types. They are operated and maintained by their individual host institutions. They collect, document and archive atmospheric measurements and the associated metadata from measurement stations world-wide and make these data freely available to the scientific community. In some cases, WDCs also provide additional products including data analyses, maps of data distributions, and data summaries.

The data residing in the WDCs are always subject to change, for example, from new calibrations. For this reason, data providers at individual stations should always be contacted directly for detailed information on such changes. In order that data providers be given appropriate recognition, scientists accessing the data are required to accept the following conditions set forth by the CAS WG and supported by the Thirteenth Session of CAS: "For scientific purposes, access to these data is unlimited and provided without charge. By their use you accept that an offer of co-authorship will be made through personal contact with the data providers or owners whenever substantial use is made of their data. In all cases, an acknowledgement must be made to the data providers or owners and the data centre when these data are used within a publication."

Training material by the Data Centres is here.

The Expert Team on Atmospheric Composition Data Management (WDC)

The WMO Expert Team on Atmospheric Composition Data Management, originally the WMO/CAS OPAG-EPAC Expert Team on World Data Centres (ET-WDC) was formally established in 2006 by CAS-XIV [1] but has a history of activities that dates back to the 1990s. The activities are overseen by the Research Board and The Environmental Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry Scientific Steering Committee (EPAC-SSC).

The core activities of this Expert Team include:

  • Documenting issues with and coordinating the development and implementation of common data and metadata standards within GAW, in alignment with WIS/WIGOS, and assisting Contributing Networks with utilizing the WIGOS metadata standard
  • Advising the SAGs, WMO expert teams and partners, and GAW initiatives' steering committees on harmonizing data management
  • Enabling F.A.I.R (findable, accessible, interoperable, re-usable) data principles in support of plug and play capabilities (data formats and application program interfaces, APIs) of GAW data
  • Collecting and providing information on NRT (within 3 hours of observation for real-time, within 72 hours of observation for near-real-time) data transmission to station operators
  • Facilitating the timely submission of quality-controlled data for long-term archival in the respective GAW World Data Centres (WDCs)
  • Providing comprehensive and up-to-date guidance on the data and metadata submission processes, revision and re-submission, including consideration of data-policy, licenses, provenance, data quality and consistency between the data and the metadata
  • Monitoring the data submission to the thematic WMO WDCs, and providing consolidated annual statistics on data submission, distribution, and use of EPAC SSC
  • documenting and identifying issues and proposing solutions in support of further development of GAWSIS as an integral component of OSCAR/Surface
  • Guiding GAW WDCs on implementing WMO data policies, in providing use groups with free and open access to all data, complemented with access to innovative and mature data products, together with tools for QA, data analysis and research, following WIGOS policies in particular with regards to metadata documentation
  • Guiding GAW WDCs and archives of Contributing Data Centres on implementing new technologies to elevate information management within GAW, as well as Contributing Networks, in-line with the evolution of WIS/WIGOS

The governance page including group members and Terms of Reference is here.

Meetings of the Expert Team on Atmospheric Composition Data Management

ET-ACDM 2021 4 28 September 2021

ET-ACDM 2021 3 25 May 2021

ET-ACDM 2021 2 25 March 2021

ET-ACDM 2021 1 2 February 2021

Meetings of the Expert Team on World Data Centers

ET-WDC 2020 6 16 October 2020

ET-WDC 2020 5 1 September 2020

ET-WDC 2020 4 7 July 2020

ET-WDC 2020 3 11 June 2020

ET-WDC 2020 2 28 April 2020

ET-WDC 2020 1 11 March 2020