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GAFIS Member List

The Steering Committee of GAFIS (2020-2022)


Johannes Flemming, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, UK


Luisa Molina, Molina Center for Energy and the Environment, USA

Hong Wang, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences (CAMS), China

Yang Zhang, Northeastern University, USA

Guy Brasseur, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany

Richard Menard, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada

Jessica Seddon, World Resources Institute, USA

Katherine Emma Knowland,  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

James Crawford, NASA Langley Research Center, USA 

Stephan Nordmann, Federal environment agency, Germany

Christopher Gan, Meteorological Service Singapore, Singapore

Virginie MARECAL, Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques, France

Meng Gao, Hong Kong Baptist University,  Hong Kong, China

Zablon Weku Shilenje,  Kenya Meteorological Department, Kenya

Martin Cope, CSIRO, Australia

WMO Secretariat:

Lu Ren