Consultation Workshop on “Hydrological data and WMO Data Policy”



The workshop is part of a series of events in the framework of reviewing and updating the regulatory framework of WMO data policies. Resolution 56 (Cg-18) required the Executive Council to establish a process to review the WMO data policies and practices expressed in Resolution 40 (Cg-12), Resolution 25 (Cg-13) and Resolution 60 (Cg-17). Currently, several processes are ongoing at WMO to review and update the regulatory framework of WMO data policies: 

  • The Study Group on Data Issues and Policies (SG-DIP) under the WMO Infrastructure Commission is in the process of reviewing the above-mentioned data resolutions and is currently developing a draft for a new data resolution (working title “Resolution 42”) aiming to abolish the existing data resolutions.  
  • From the 16th to 19th of November 2020, the WMO Data Conference will take place with the aim to develop a common understanding among entities from all sectors of the roles, requirements and arrangements for international exchange of observations and other data for monitoring and prediction of the Earth System environment, including weather, climate and water.  
  • In preparation for the WMO Data Conference and in the process of developing “Resolution 42”, WMO is organising several Consultation Workshops (an overview and information about all workshops can be found on the Workshop Website – some workshops have links to hydrology and might be of interest to you). The Consultation Workshop on “Hydrological data and WMO Data Policy” that takes place on 19th October 2020 has its special focus on hydrological data.  

The main goal of the Consultation Workshop on “Hydrological data and WMO Data Policy” is to discuss key questions of hydrological data exchange in order to achieve a fit-for-purpose representation of hydrology data exchange in “Resolution 42”. As an outcome of the workshop, a general acceptance on the key questions of hydrological data exchange is expected. 

Further information regarding the agenda, background information and the discussed key questions will be sent to you in the coming weeks prior to the workshop and will also be made available through the Consultation Workshop Website.   

We would highly appreciate your participating in the discussion on a new WMO data policy from a hydrological perspective during the Consultation Workshop on “Hydrological data and WMO Data Policy”In order to attend this workshop, PLEASE REGISTER HERE until 12th October 2020.  

Additionally you can check the other workshops and stakeholder consultations that are being held in preparation of the WMO Data Conference (Workshop Website). You are also invited to participate in those sessions that match your interest and expertise. 

Please note that this workshop will be held twice (identical sessions), one for WMO Regions I, III, IV and VI and one for WMO Regions II and V.


Date: 19th October 2020 

08:00h to 11:00h CEST for Regions II, V (Interpretation in English and Russian) 

16:00h to 19:00h CEST for Regions I, III, IV, VI (Interpretation in English, French and Spanish) 

The Workshop will be fully virtual.