ToRs of Management Group


following CIMO-17



a) Advise and help the president and vice-president on all matters related to the work of the Commission;

b) Assist the president in planning and coordinating the work of the Commission, its expert teams, task teams and theme leader, by setting priorities, developing and coordinating the workplans, assessing and evaluating the progress achieved and regularly providing guidance on their work and outputs;

c) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Instruments and Methods of Observation Programme in relation to the WMO Strategic and Operating Plans and advise the president on appropriate actions;

d) Promote achievements associated with the development, operation, documentation and standardization of the instruments and methods of observation to meet user requirements;

e) Ensure continuing cooperation and collaboration with partners, including UN bodies, private enterprise and other international organizations;

f) Coordinate the activities of the Commission with respect to other technical commissions, regional associations and WMO cross-cutting programmes;

g) Mobilize experts as required to enable the work of the Commission to be achieved;

h) Keep under review the internal structure and working methods of the Commission and make necessary adjustments, including the establishment, activation or disbanding of teams and theme leaders, and refining/elaborating their terms of reference as necessary;

i) Advise the president on designations of experts to carry out specific tasks;

j) Assist the president and vice-president to support the transition to a new WMO technical commission structure and to ensure seamless transition of the commission’s activities into that new structure;

k) Keep Members informed of the activities and achieved results of the Commission;

l) Ensure liaison with and provide support to the CBS Steering Group on Radio-Frequency Coordination, as required.