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Vision for the future of environmental measurements

Vision for the future of environmental measurements
Annex to Resolution 5 (CIMO-17)


Under the vision for the WIGOS community and the environmental measurements it seeks to achieve:


Fit-for-purpose environmental measurements through leadership, standards and guidance.


The WIGOS measurement community is the recognized source of information and guidance on performing measurements for environmental intelligence.

Desired Outcomes:

(a)      The WIGOS measurement community are esteemed experts that gather and disseminate knowledge on measurements;

(b)      Users and providers understand measurement quality and how fit-for-purpose measurements are achieved;

(c)      Users and providers understand the importance of the measurement process in developing environmental intelligence.

(d)      Users and providers of Essential Climate Variables are committed to measurement traceability;

(e)      The potential, quality and performance characteristics of emerging measurement technologies and their products are documented in guidance material.

Strategies to achieve the Mission and Vision:

(a)      Collaborate effectively with users and providers of measurements;

(b)      Develop and promote the implementation of recognized measurement practices;

(c)      Develop and provide effective standards and guidance material;

(d)      Provide guidance for the implementation of new measurement technology; and

(e)      Identify and characterize the potential of emerging measurements.