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Volume D Information for Shipping



This Publication contains Marine meteorology and other related geophysical information necessary for safe and economic conduct of shipping operations, as well as for fishing and other marine activities, is made available to the user by the various Meteorological Services of maritime countries. The provision of this information is co-ordinated by WMO.


    Volume D - Edition 2018 (with amendments made 31 March 2020)

    Chapter 1 - SafetyNET Services - The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)

    • Part A - Satellite Systems / Communications
    • Part B - Terrestrial Systems

    Chapter 2 - Maritime Safety Information (MSI) Broadcast Service

    • Part A - Satellite Systems / Communications
    • Part B - NAVTEX
    • Part C - HF NBDP
    • Part D - Radio-Facsimile
    Chapter 3 - Visual Storm Warning Signals

    Chapter 4 - Focal Point Contact Information

    • Part A: National Contact Points for WMO GMDSS Marine Broadcast System
    • Part B: Contact points for Ship Weather Routeing Services and Port Meteorological Offices


    The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) coverage
    This publication is kept up-to-date by amendments.
    To maintain and improve the accuracy of information contained in this Volume it is essential to inform the WMO Secretariat of any changes using our Feedback Forms.