Latest Version of the Machine Readable Codes for Manual on Codes, Volume I.2

Valid: 15 June 2021


  1. 15 June 2021 is the operational date of the latest versions. 
  2. The zip files contain machine-readable codes of GRIB, BUFR, CREX, and the Common Code Tables. These can be incorporated into encoders/decoders.
  3. If there are inconsistencies between the entries available below and the Manual on Codes, Volume I.2 (WMO-No. 306), the Manual prevails.
  4. The previous versions are available HERE.

Machine Readable Codes



Zip Files

Parent directory of all machine-readable codes FT-2021-1 SharePoint  
FM 92  GRIB edition 2
27.0.0 txt/xml  
FM 94  BUFR and FM 95 CREX 36.0.0 txt/xml The <No> element is no longer produced for the XML.
Code Tables to Binary and Alphanumeric Codes 2021-06-15




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