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WMO Global Information System Centres (GISCs)

GISCs are operated by WMO Members as a major component of the WMO Information System (WIS) infrastructure. A GISC's primary role is to collect from and disseminate information to WIS centres in its area of responsibility and with the global WMO community. GISCs also provide search portals through which information from WMO and other interoperable systems can be discovered and accessed.

Each WIS centre is associated with a principal GISC that serves as the centre's main entry point for distributing and receiving WIS data and metadata by appropriate telecommunication systems, including  the GTS. Association between a centre and a GISC is established by bilateral agreement.

WIS discovery metadata is the basis of the information and data management of WIS and WIS centres manage their metadata through their principal GISC.


Approved GISCs

Global Information System Centres (GISCs)
I Morocco Casablanca
I South Africa Pretoria
II China Beijing (offering Interim Metadata Management Service)
II India New Delhi
II Iran, Islamic Republic of Tehran
II Japan Tokyo (offering Interim Metadata Management Service)
II Republic of Korea Seoul
II Saudi Arabia Jeddah (not working)
III Brazil Brasilia
IV United States of America Washington
V Australia Melbourne
VI France Toulouse
VI Germany Offenbach
VI Russian Federation Moscow
VI United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Exeter