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Concept, Long-term Goals and Strategic Objectives


The WMO Information System (WIS) was established to provide high-performance and reliable information sharing and management services for all WMO Programmes and related activities. WIS became operational in 2012, and its next-generation, WIS 2.0 will provide users with seamless access to diverse information from a wide range of sources and will enable weather, water, and climate information to be related to socioeconomic and other contexts.

Long-term Goals

To enhance Earth system observations and predictions: Strengthening the technical foundation for the future

Long-term outcome: An integrated Earth system observational network increasingly automated and optimized to ensure effective global coverage. High-quality fit-for-purpose traceable measurements feeding continuous global data exchange underpinned by data management and data processing mechanisms.

Strategic Objectives

To Improve and increase access to, exchange, and management of current and past Earth system observation data and derived products through the WMO Information System. (reference WMO Strategic Plan)