WWRP Tropical Meteorology Research

Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research (WGTMR)



WGTMR aims to coordinate and advance the research of tropical cyclones, monsoon systems and intra-seasonal tropical variability to improve the prediction of high-impact weather in the tropics. WGTMR works with other components of WMO regarding tropical cyclones and monsoons, specifically WCRP. WGTMR has a particular remit to work with developing countries and SIDS, places that are often adversely affected by tropical weather hazards.

Working Group Members

  • Co-Chair: Zhuo WANG, University of Illinois
  • Jason DUNION, NOAA
  • Philippe KLOTZBACH, Colorado State University
  • Yukari TAKAYABU, University of Tokyo
  • Ajit TYAGI, MES
  • Hui YU, Shanghai Typhoon Institute

Past International Workshops on Tropical Cyclones

Recent Publications

  • A BAMS article, “Monsoons Climate Change Assessment” 
  • A new book, "The Multiscale Global Monsoon System”, is the 4th and most up-to-date edition of the global monsoon book series produced by a group of leading international experts invited by the World Meteorological Organization’s Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research (WGTMR). The contents reflect the state of the knowledge of all scales of monsoon in the world’s monsoon regions. It includes 31 chapters in five parts: Regional Monsoons, Extreme Weather, Intraseasonal Variations, Climate Change, and Field Experiments.