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Become A Member

Become A Member

Who can become a WWRP expert?

Anyone with expertise in relevant domains and disciplines and the motivation to contribute to the enhancement of weather research at an international level. Although an effort is made to conduct work in the working languages of WMO, it is undeniably an advantage to have a basic understanding of English.

A good geographical coverage helps to reflect the needs of regions subject to different climate conditions and weather hazards. In this regard, experts are not expected to deliver only state-of-the-art solutions, but also to bring real-world problems to the fore and ask the right questions.

Do not hesitate to become an expert, even if you feel your institution is not among the most advanced in the world, we can still learn a lot from your everyday experience. We are actually looking for experts that can highlight gaps in weather research, and who are willing to share their problem-solving experiences in different meteorological, linguistic and socio-economic conditions.

WMO is open also to experts from outside National Weather Services and academia, who work on fields and topics relevant to weather research, including measurement and observation technology, innovation, research, forecasting, modelling, service delivery, disaster risk reduction, etc.

Why becoming an expert at WMO?

By becoming a WMO expert, you become a member of the global weather research community. It increases your international recognition, but more importantly, you learn a lot from others, which might help you to enhance your national activities and processes. Moreover, it increases the international recognition of your own organization. By sharing your experience, you are also helping to improve weather science and science for services literally somewhere on the other side of our planet.

You will also enjoy the fun of team work with nice and skilled people of various nationalities and backgrounds. 

The WWRP Secretariat team is always looking for expert members who would like to join one of its bodies, for example the

  • Working Groups
  • Research Projects
  • Scientific Steering Committee

and more. If you are interested in joining this community, please do not hesitate to contact any of the WMO Secretariat members and we will happily arrange additional information for you.