CAgM Focus Area 4 - Communications, Education and Capacity Development

Focus Area 4 - Communications, Education and Capacity Development

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Focus Area 4 will promote the training, education, and outreach related to agricultural meteorological topics to the transfer of knowledge and methodologies to the agricultural community and to enhance capacity building. This focus area will also improve the capacity of users to understand available agricultural meteorological and climate products and services for better uptake and appropriate use. It will also review any improvements in the Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices and will identify any agrometeorological knowledge and capacity development tools.

ET 4.1 - Expert Team on Capacity Building

Deliverables for Expert Team 4.1

(a) Complete, and update if needed, the supplement to WMO-No. 1083 on agricultural meteorology which will replace WMO-No. 258, Supplement 2;

(b) Update the list of available and recommended agricultural meteorological textbooks for a range of levels of formal education and informal training;

(c) Development of agrometeorological training modules for farmers and extension agents use in training events and WMO RTCs courses in conjunction with the Global Centers of Research and Excellence in AgroMeteorology (GCREAMs) and other institutions that offer education and training in agricultural meteorology (e.i. universities);

(d) Guidance material on Roving Seminars and Climate Field Schools, and National Forums/Dialogues;

(e) Update the list of available and recommended centers offering graduate programs in Agricultural Meteorology or related domains;

(f) Report on any expertise provided on the use of existing WMO Gender Issues and Women Empowerment standards by WMO Members, projects and Commission activities.

Membership for Expert Team 4.1

 Leader Valentina GRIGORYAN RA VI Armenia

Feliciana MENDONCA

RA I Guinea-Bissau
  Sayed Masoud Mostafavi DARANI RA II  Iran, Islamic Republic of
  Maria-Elena Fernandez LONG RA III Argenina
  Graham BAKER RA V Australia
  Vanda PIRES RA VI Portugal

Activities for Expert Team 4.1

    • To be determined

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ET 4.2 - Expert Team on Communication and User Interface for Agriculture

Deliverables for Expert Team 4.2

(a) Guidance material on effective communication and dissemination development strategies on agrometeorological topics for WMO Members and projects;

(b) Guidance material on the use of socioeconomic assessments and policy support mechanisms in agrometeorology;

(c) Input on the needs of agricultural meteorologists in NMHSs and with members of the Global Federation of Agricultural Meteorology Societies (GlobalFAMS) into the various WMO survey mechanisms;

(d) Report on any successful examples provided on user-interfacing issues related on the GFCS priority areas of agriculture and food security and disaster risk reduction to WMO Members and projects.

Membership for Expert Team 4.2

 Leader Jong Sook Park RA II Republic of Korea
  Mecklin Merchades RA I Tanzania
  Kamar Salieva RA II  Kazakhstan
  Jose Ricardo Pezzopane RA III Brazil
  Shontelle Stoute RA IV  British Carribbean Territories
  Kathryn Reardon-Smith RA V Australia
  Keith Lambkin RA VI Ireland

Activities for Expert Team 4.2

    • To be determined

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ET 4.3 - Task Team on Information Communication Technology Applications

Deliverables for Task Team 4.3

(a) Guidance materials for practical use and development of ICT applications (i.e. radio, website, web-platform, smartphone applications) for agriculture for WMO Members and projects;

(b) Guidance materials on methods used to test and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of ICT applications (i.e. radio, websites, and mobile phone applications) by agricultural users in various countries;

(c) Report on any expertise provided on ICT applications for agriculture to WMO Members and projects in various countries.

Membership for Task Team 4.3

 Leader Andrea NUNEZ RA III Chile
  Lilian MZYECE RA I Zambia
  FeiYun YANG RA II  China
  Elida Carolina GONZALEZ RA III Argentina
    RA V  
    RA VI  

Activities for Task Team 4.1

    • To be determined

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