Guide to WIS

Guide to the WMO Information System (WMO-No.1061)

Guide to WIS (Vol I + Vol II)
  • In conjunction with the Manual on the WMO Information System (WMO-No. 1060), Volume II (Manual on WIS, Volume II: WIS 2.0), Guide to WIS, Volume II: WIS 2.0 is designed to ensure adequate uniformity and standardization in the data, information and communication practices, procedures and specifications employed by Members of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in the operation of the WMO Information System WIS 2.0 as it supports the mission of the Organization.

  • The Manual on WIS contains standard and recommended practices, procedures, and specifications. The Guide to WIS contains additional information concerning practices, procedures, and specifications that Members are invited to follow or implement in establishing and conducting their arrangements in compliance with the WMO Technical Regulations and in developing meteorological and hydrological services.

  • Guide to WIS, Volume I: WIS 1.0 (2023 edition, updated in 2024). Full copy can be downloaded here.

  • Guide to WIS, Volume II: WIS 2.0 (2023 edition, to be published). The provisional copy can be downloaded here.

(Last update: 19 June 2024)