Draft Guidance on Technical Specifications of WIS 2.0



The purpose of this document is to provide technical guidance and additional information for participants in the WIS 2.0 pilot phase and other early adopters of WIS 2.0 to assist them in implementing the practices, procedures, and specifications defined in the Manual on WIS (WMO No. 1060), Vol II.


This guidance document is provided primarily for technical teams of organisations participating in the WIS 2.0 pilot phase.

Status of this document

This guidance is provided as an informal document. The content will be updated and added to throughout the WIS 2.0 pilot phase as detailed specifications and procedures are validated through testing. The information provided herein will be consolidated into a new version of the Guide to WIS (WMO No. 1061) upon completion of the pilot phase.

Guidance on technical specification of WIS2.pdf

Last update: 2 December 2022