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Updated on 25 October 2023

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Technical Regulations and Guidance





Manual on Marine Meteorological Services - Volume I — Global Aspects: Annex VI to the WMO Technical Regulations

(WMO-No. 558), 2012 edition, updated in 2018





Guide to Marine Meteorological Services

(WMO-No. 471), 2018




Technical Guidance

Guide to Wave Analysis and Forecasting

(WMO-No. 702), 2020

See also the web-based dynamic part




Technical Guidance

Guide to the Applications of Marine Climatology

(WMO-No. 781), 1994




Technical Guidance

Guide to Storm Surge Forecasting

(WMO-No. 1076), 2011




Technical Guidance

Sea-ice Information and Services

(WMO-No. 574), 2021




Technical Guidance

Ice chart colour code standard

(WMO/TD No. 1215), 2004




Technical Guidance

Sea-Ice Nomenclature

(WMO-No. 259), 2014




  Technical Guidance

Operations Handbook for METAREA Coordinators, Edition Oct 2023



MMO Series

On-line Survey Assessment of National Marine and Coastal Services

(MMO Series-No. 01), 2019




MMO Series

The Establishment of the Joint WMO/IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology: A Personal History

(MMO Series-No. 02; WMO-No. 1250), 2020




MMO Series

Report of the WMO/IMO International Symposium ‘Extreme Maritime Weather: Towards Safety of Life at Sea and a Sustainable Blue Economy

(MMO Series-No. 03), 2020




MMO Series

Maritime Forecasting, Meteorology and WMO: History and Evolution

(MMO Series-No. 04), 2022

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