RBON - Regional Basic Observing Network

In each WMO Region, and in Antarctica, the Regional Basic Observing Network (RBON) represents a subset of WIGOS stations selected for global exchange.

The RBON consists of surface-based observing stations, typically used in combination with space-based and other surface-based observing components of WIGOS. The network capabilities respond to observational user requirements at the national, regional and global levels, as identified by the WIGOS Rolling Review of Requirements (RRR) process.

The RBON replaces the existing Regional Basic Synoptic Network (RBSN) and Regional Basic Climatological Network (RBCN) which consist of surface stations and upper-air stations designated by the regional associations. These networks have made valuable regional contributions to the activities of WMO and its Members. However additional and emerging requirements for observations across diverse application areas are driving the need to redefine these networks.

The establishment of the RBON by the respective regional associations is a key aspect of regional WIGOS implementation and will lead to improved services by delivering more and improved observations to stakeholders. As a substantive and valuable aspect of WIGOS, RBON will enable the full benefit of regional observing capabilities to be realized.

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