Guidance for Regional WIGOS Centres

rwcRWCs play a critical role in advancing the implementation of WIGOS within their Region or subregion, providing regional coordination and technical support to Members.

The primary, mandatory functions of Regional WIGOS Centres are to support Members with the management of metadata in OSCAR/Surface and to assist with following up on quality issues identified via the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System. RWCs may also contribute to the coordination of regional projects and support regional capacity development.

Member States interested in hosting RWC write to the president of the WMO regional association to which it belongs, through the Permanent Representative of the country where the Centre is located and, with his/her endorsement, express its intention to be designated as an RWC in pilot mode. The application template for a candidate RWC is reproduced in Annex 2 to the Guide to the WIGOS (WMO-1165).

By operating Regional WIGOS Centres WMO Members can make a valuable contribution to overall regional development.


Relevant Material for RWCs: