Aircraft-Based Observations Work Program

Planning Basis for Global Development of the Aircraft-based Observing System

The work of the Aircraft-Based Observations Program for development of the aircraft-based observing system and the AMDAR system, is primarily based on two planning documents:

  1. The Implementation Plan for Evolution of WIGOS; and,
  2. The medium-term planning as described in detail in the Aircraft-Based Observing System, Strategy and Implementation Plan (A-SIP).

ABOS Strategy & Implementation Plan

The development of the AMDAR observing system is primarily focused under the WMO-IATA Collaborative AMDAR Programme (WICAP).

Work Program of the INFCOM, JET-ABO

The achievement of the A-SIP will be undertaken primarily through the work and guidance of the Infrastructure Commission, Joint Expert Team on Aircraft-Based Observing systems (JET-ABO) under the joint management of the Standing Committees on Earth Observing Systems and Monitoring Networks (SC-ON) and Measurements, Instrumentation and Traceability (SC-MINT).

The focus of JET-ABO will be the following elements:

  • AMDAR Program expansion under WICAP and related enhancement and capacity building
  • Aircraft-based observing system development and aircraft-based observations derivation
  • Aircraft-based observations international data and data quality management
  • Training and Outreach
  • Scientific and technical specification, development and validation
  • Standardisation
  • Inter-comparison
  • Aviation systems integration

Budget for the ABO Work Program

The Budget for the ABOP is based on the Work Plans of the JET-ABO that contribute to the development and management of the program and is supported by the AMDAR Trust Fund under its Terms of Reference.

Updated: 3 March 2023