National and Regional AMDAR Programmes




  1. Introduction

  2. National & Regional AMDAR Programmes

  3. Responsibilities of National & Regional AMDAR Programmes

  4. National Progamme Status Reports to WMO

Participating Airlines


The WMO Global AMDAR System is comprised of the WMO Member national and regional operational AMDAR Programmes. WMO holds and maintains the standards for the operation of the system, which includes:

  • The onboard software quality, functional & meteorological specifications;
  • The ground-based data Quality Management System; and
  • The international standards in place for data exchange on the WMO Global Telecommunications System (GTS).

WMO urges Members to continue to develop and expand the AMDAR observing system in line with the Actions of the Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) Implementation Plan for the Evolution of the Global Observing System.

Further information on AMDAR programme development is available from the Aircraft-Based Observations Work Programme area.

National & Regional AMDAR Programmes

There are currently 12 operational national or regional AMDAR Programmes contributing to the WMO Global AMDAR system.

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Korea
  • South Africa
  • USA
  • Japan

Responsibilities of National & Regional AMDAR Programmes

The National & Regional AMDAR Programmes are responsible for the operational implementation and maintenance of their respective AMDAR systems in collaboration with their Partner Airlines. These operational responsibilities include:

  • Negotiation with partner airlines for the fundamental operational aspects of the national AMDAR Programme which include:
    • AMDAR fleet composition and size;
    • Development and implementation of AMDAR onboard software;
    • Contractual arrangements and agreements for operation of the AMDAR Progamme and,
    • Data downlink and ground-based transmission to the NMHS or AMDAR Programme data reception centre;
  • Negotiation and contractual arrangements with Data Service Providers for any 3rd party ground-based communications and data relay requirements;
  • Ground-based data reception, decoding, quality control and archival;
  • Transmission of data on the GTS based on the WMO Manual on Codes, under the terms of WMO Resolution 40 (and in particular, Annex I Data and products to be exchanged without charge and with no conditions on use);
  • Development and operation of a Quality Management System (QMS) for the national or regional AMDAR Programme, which includes Data Quality Monitoring.

Information for WMO Members and airlines interested in participation in the AMDAR programme is available from the Resources/AMDAR Programme Development area.

National Progamme Status Reports to WMO

The latest available (September 2013, National & Regional AMDAR Programme Status Reports to the ET-ABO, Session 1 - unless indicated) AMDAR Programme Status Reports are provided below.