Africa Partner Coordination Mechanism


The Africa Development Partner Coordination Mechanism (APCM) for Weather, Water and Climate Services provides a platform for the systematic exchange of project and programme information to enhance collaboration among development partners and harmonize interventions at the regional and national levels.

The APCM is expected to facilitate the alignment of development partners’ objectives with national and regional identified priorities and needs, critical to ensure ownership of the interventions and maximise impact and sustainability of investments. The framework for engagement of the four key components of the APCM:

  1. Africa Partner Coordination Meetings (annual meeting to analyse Project and Programmes across Africa, as well as to identify regional and national needs and priorities and to collaborate on best practices and lessons learned)
  2. Special Programme Focus Session (Peer to peer review of upcoming projects and programmes)
  3. Ad-hoc focus group discussion on specific topics (Public Private Engagement, Socio-economic Benefits/Sustainability, Agriculture, REAP WG on EWS)
  4. Africa Projects Data Analysis Dashboard – (to collect and share data and information on hydro-met projects and programme across Africa

For the best viewing experience open the dashboard in a new page: APCM Projects Dashboard



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