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Wednesday 6 December 2023 | Online via Zoom

for WMO Regional Associations I (Africa) and VI (Europe)

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The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Services Commission (SERCOM), in collaboration with the Research Board (RB) Aviation Research and Development Project 2 (AvRDP2), will convene a web-based seminar (‘webinar’) on 6 December 2023, 1100 to 1400 UTC, to showcase some of the latest state-of-the-art scientific and technological advances taking place in aeronautical meteorology in WMO Regional Associations I (Africa) and VI (Europe). 

The theme of the webinar is: “Scientific and technological innovation in observation and forecast of turbulence and airframe icing to enable service delivery transformation and improve aviation safety”.

Webinar Information

The webinar will comprise a blend of pre-recorded video presentations and live panel discussions.

Concept Note (English only)

Information Note for Zoom (English only)

Official Announcement

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Registration for the webinar is now closed.

Provisional Programme

6 Dec 2023 
Time (UTC)
Title (tentative) Speaker Affiliation
1100 Opening remarks Andrea Henderson Co-Vice-Chair of SC-AVI
1104 The WAFS probabilistic version of the airframe icing and turbulence forecast 
Abstract | Presentation
Piers Buchanan Met Office, UK
1115 The ICAO Hazardous Weather Information Service (HWIS)
Abstract | Presentation
Clemens Weidemann Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD), Germany
1125 Climate change impacts on turbulence
Abstract | Presentation
Dr Paul Williams University of Reading, UK
1137 R&D on airframe icing at DWD
Abstract | Presentation
Frank Kalinka Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD), Germany
1147 R&D on airframe icing at the UK Met Office
Abstract | Presentation
Mark Canning Met Office, UK
1159 Break
1202 Turbulence forecasting over South Africa using diagnostics from the convective scale ensemble prediction system of the Unified Model
Abstract | Presentation
Lauren Smith South African Weather Service (SAWS), South Africa
1214 Aviation turbulence forecasting and research at Deutscher Wetterdienst
Abstract | Presentation
Tobias Göcke Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD), Germany
1226 Probabilistic forecast of turbulence
Abstract | Presentation
Olivier Jaron, Pierre Crispel Météo-France
1239 Tailored turbulence products for aviation users (airlines, ATM)
Abstract | Presentation
Pierre Crispel, Olivier Jaron Météo-France
1252 Break
1300 Live panel discussion Moderated by Gaborekwe Khambule Co-Vice-Chair of SC-AVI
1400 Close of webinar

Webinar summary

The summary of the webinar consisting of an overview of presentations and a summary of the key points of the panel discussion is available here.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the webinar, please contact the Organizing Committee via email: aviation@wmo.int

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