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Task Team on the Long-term Plan for Aeronautical Meteorology

A subsidiary body of the Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI)

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Last updated: 14 March 2023


To assist the Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI) in the development of an update to the 2019 edition of the Long-term Plan for Aeronautical Meteorology (LTP-AeM).

The proposed update to the LTP-AeM is expected to increase focus on the evolution of aeronautical meteorological service delivery over the next decade and beyond taking into consideration current and foreseen scientific and technological advances plus other drivers for change and influencing factors such as climate change impacts mitigation, adaptation and resilience, reducing aviation's impact on the environment, and responding to the socio-economic impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The update to the LTP-AeM (2024 edition) is expected to be submitted for the consideration of SC-AVI-3 in September 2023 and Services Commission (SERCOM-3) in March 2024. During this period a determination will be made as to whether the LTP-AeM will be submitted to Congress or Executive Council.


 First name LAST NAME TT-LTP Role  SC-AVI Role  Affiliation / Country
Kaspar BUCHER-STUDER Co-Lead / RA VI Expert Thematic Coordinator for Strategy and Governance MeteoSwiss / Switzerland
Andrea HENDERSON Co-Lead / RA V Expert Co-Chair of ET-ETC Bureau of Meteorology / Australia
Oluwaseun Wilfred IDOWU RA I Expert  Thematic Coordinator for Capacity Development Nigerian Meteorological Agency / Nigeria
Lei GU RA II Expert Thematic Coordinator for Capacity Development Civil Aviation Administration of China / China
Claudia RIBERO RA III Expert Thematic Coordinator for Gender Mainstreaming Servicio Meteorológico Nacional / Argentina
Jennifer STROOZAS RA IV Expert Thematic Coordinator for Capacity Development National Weather Service / United States of America
Marina PETROVA RA VI Expert Thematic Coordinator for Communications and Outreach Roshydromet / Russian Federation

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Expected Output (Deliverable)

The update to the LTP-AeM will be formulated around a proposed new structure and new or updated content according to the following table:

Section Title Illustrative Content
Introduction / Background
  • Overview of changes from 2019 version
  • Industry recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Summary of industry needs with respect to global standards, quality, and information services
  • Environmental sustainability considerations
  • Diverse motivation among WMO Members for service provision to aviation
  • Globalization of the meteorological enterprise
  • Service delivery transformation and evolving role of aeronautical meteorological personnel
Future of aeronautical meteorology service provision
  • Advances in science and technology, and subsequent design of meteorological information
  • Industry requirement for global, digitized, high resolution datasets as a foundation of meteorological service delivery
  • Evolving role of humans and machines in the delivery of meteorological services and, specifically, decision-making processes
Changing roles of aeronautical meteorological service providers
  • Evolution of competency requirements and related training and development
  • Contributions to seamless suite of services
  • Acknowledgement that service delivery will vary across service providers, with some providers opting to exit their aeronautical meteorological programme
Transition to future state (road map)
  • Consumer engagement
  • Rapid cycle service development and delivery
  • Automation of aviation weather forecasts (quantities) and observations
  • Human expertise shifting to qualities such as interpretation, limitations, likelihood, impacts
  • Focus areas for additional, continued and improved services
  • Need for integration and interoperability
  • Role of aviation meteorological service providers along continuum from global to local with focus on relationships
  • Guidance for aviation meteorological service providers to undertake transition
  • Shift from national to regional focus for sustainable aviation meteorological service provision
  • Existing aeronautical meteorological services providers are ideally placed to work with stakeholders to modernize aeronautical meteorological services
  • WMO will demonstrate continuing relevance to the aviation industry

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Roadmap and milestones


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The TT-LTP convenes periodic video-teleconferences (VTC) to coordinate progress and conducts routine email correspondence. Progress reports are given by TT-LTP to SC-AVI as required.

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FileCloud Collaboration Platform

The TT-LTP FileCloud collaboration platform (member access only) is accessible here.

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