Second Meeting of the Expert Team on Education, Training and Competency (ET-ETC-2)

Second Meeting of Expert Team on Education, Training and Competency

A subsidiary body of the Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI)

17 to 19 April 2023, Geneva, Switzerland

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The second meeting of the Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI) Expert Team on the Education, Training and Competency (ET-ETC-2) will take place as an in-person only meeting at WMO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland from 17 to 19 April 2023.

The objective of the meeting is to discuss and coordinate the activities of ET-ETC during the intersession period plus other issues of relevance. 

Meeting Information

The provisional agenda of the meeting is available in ET-ETC-2/Doc.1.2 while working arrangement for the meeting are contained in ET-ETC-2/INF. 1.3.

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Work Plan and Working Documentation

Download templates here: Decision document (Doc) | Information document (INF) | PowerPoint presentation (PPT)

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DAY 1: Monday 17 April 2023, 0900-1630 CEST (UTC+2)

Agenda Item Doc./INF/Other Title Timing
Participants are kindly requested to register at the WMO Reception Desk between 0815 and 0845 CEST on the opening day of the meeting
1. Agenda and Organization of the Meeting
1.1 -- Opening of the meeting 0900
1.2 Doc. 1.2 (29.XI.2022) Approval of the agenda 0915
1.3 INF. 1.3 (29.XI.2022) Meeting arrangements 0920
2. Review of the latest ET-ETC Operating Plan (2020-2023)
2.1 INF. 2.1
Latest ET-ETC Operating Plan (2020-2023) 0930
2.2 PPT. 2.2
Lessons learned from 2020-2023 to inform continuous improvement in 2024-2027 (Roundtable) 0945
Morning break 1030
3. Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel Qualification and Competency
3.1 PPT. 3.1 
Status of a proposed update to the Basic Instruction Package for Meteorologists (BIP-M) and Basic Instruction Package for Meteorological Technicians (BIP-MT) 1045

PPT. 3.2-PPT. 3.3
(31.III.2023)(Updated 3.IV.2023)

INF. 3.2

Status of a proposed amendment to the Technical Regulations (WMO-No. 49), Volume I and update to the Compendium of WMO Competency Frameworks (WMO-No. 1209) 1115
Lunch break 1200
3.3 PPT. 3.2-PPT. 3.3
(Updated 3.IV.2023)
Update to a communications package and other resources linked to the proposed amendment referenced in 3.2 1300

PPT. 3.4

INF. 3.4

(Roundtable) Future skills of aeronautical meteorological personnel 1400
Afternoon break 1500
3.5 PPT. 3.5
Development of qualification and/or competency requirements for aeronautical meteorology specialisms such as volcanic ash, space weather and tropical cyclones 1515
3.6 -- Other relevant matters (if any) 1610
-- -- Close of Day 1 and look-ahead to Day 2 1625

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DAY 2: Tuesday 18 April 2023, 0830-1630 CEST (UTC+2)

Agenda Item Doc./INF/Other Title Timing
-- -- Recap of Day 1 and plan for Day 2 0830
4. Competency Assessor Training, Competency Assessment Tools and Other Resources
4.1 PPT. 4.1
Status of competency assessor train-the-trainer and on-the-job training initiatives as well as WMO Global Campus initiatives 0840

PPT. 4.2-PPT. 4.3

Status of the migration to the Moodle training portal of a training mapping database (TMD) and a competency assessment tool (CAT) 0940
Morning break 1030
4.3 PPT. 4.2-PPT. 4.3
Maintenance of other resources available on the Moodle training portal 1045


Other relevant matters (if any) 1145
Lunch break 1200
5. Capacity Development
5.1 PPT. 5.1-PPT. 5.2
Activities of the Capacity Development Panel (CDP) of relevance to ET-ETC 1300
5.2 PPT. 5.1-PPT. 5.2
Coordination between ET-ETC and the SC-AVI Thematic Coordinators for Capacity Development 1330
5.3 PPT. 5.3
Lessons learned and identified needs arising from recent WMO training events supported by ET-ETC 1430
Afternoon break 1500
5.3 (Continued) (Continued) 1515

PPT. 5.4

Engagement between WMO and the ICAO Global Aviation Training (GAT) Office 1555
5.5 PPT. 5.5

Other relevant matters (if any)
>> Gap analysis

-- -- Close of Day 2 and look-ahead to Day 3 1625

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DAY 3: Wednesday 19 April 2023, 0830-1630 CEST (UTC+2)

Agenda Item Doc./INF/Other Title Timing
-- -- Recap of Day 2 and plan for Day 3 0830
6. Progress reporting and other Communication on ET-ETC Activities
6.1 Oral report Scope of ET-ETC progress report to the SC-AVI-3 meeting 0840

Doc. 6.2

Prospective ET-ETC-related articles for the Services for Aviation Newsletter 0855
6.3 -- Other relevant matters (if any) 0915
7. Update and Forward Planning of the ET-ETC Operating Plan
7.1 Doc. 7.1 (5.IV.2023)

Link to proposed update here
ET-ETC Operating Plan (2020-2023) update 0930
Morning break 1030

Doc. 7.2

PPT. 7.2

Link to proposed draft here

ET-ETC Operating Plan (2024-2027) planning and preparation 1045
8. Next Meeting 1130
9. Any other business 1145
Lunch break 1200
10. Outcomes of the Meeting
10.1 PPT. 10.1 (In-Session) Summary of actions or decisions arising from ET-ETC-2 1300
10.2 PPT. 10.2 (In-Session) Summary of recommendations for SC-AVI-3 arising from ET-ETC-2 1345
Reserve time 1430
Afternoon break 1500
Reserve time 1515
11. Closure of the Meeting 1615
-- -- Close of Day 3 1630

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Final Report

The final report of the ET-ETC-2 meeting is available here.

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