Second Meeting of the Expert Team on Aeronautical Meteorological Hazards Science (ET-MHS-2)

Second Meeting of Expert Team on Aeronautical Meteorological Hazards Science (ET-MHS-2)

A subsidiary body of the Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI)

29 and 30 September 2022, In-person at the UK Met Office premises and Video/teleconference 

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The second meeting of the Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI) Expert Team on Aeronautical Meteorological Hazards Science (ET-MHS-2) will take place as a hybrid session (in-person at the UK Met Office, Exeter, and online via Microsoft Teams) on 29 and 30 September 2022.

The objective of the meeting is to discuss and coordinate the activities of ET-MHS during the intersession period plus other issues of relevance. 

Meeting Information

Provisional Agenda is available here.

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Work Plan and Working Documentation 

Thursday 29 September 2022, 0800-1600 UTC

Agenda Item Doc./INF/ Other Title Timing
1. Opening of the meeting 0800
1.1 --- Opening remarks 0800
1.2 --- Self-introductions 0810

DOC PDF    PPT. 1.3

Purpose of ET-MHS, objective of the meeting and summary of latest ET-MHS operating plan 0820
1.4 Doc. 1.4 Approval of the agenda and arrangements for the meeting 0825
2. Aeronautical Meteorology Scientific Conference and pre-Confrence webinar series [linked to ET-MHS OP Expected Output 4]  
2.1 Doc. 2.1 Summary, outcomes and lessons learned from the 2022 pre-Conference webinar 0830
  --- Coffee break 0930
2.2 DOC Progress status on the edition of the summary of the webinar 1000


Latest plans for a pre-Conference webinar series in 2023, including draft Concept Note, potential session topics/draft programme, milestone planner and resource requirements 1030
  --- Lunch break 1130
2.4 PPT.2.4 Latest plans, including draft Concept Note, for an in-person (physical) AeroMetSci Conference in 2024 1230
  --- Coffee break  1400
2.5 --- Open forum discussion on AeroMetSci pre-Confrence webinar series and Conference and identification of ET-MHS follow-up actions and assignements 1430
--- ---

Close of Day 1 and look-ahead to Day 2


Friday 30 September 2022, 0800-1500 UTC

Agenda Item Doc./INF/ Other Title Timing
--- --- Recap of Day 1 and plan for Day 2 0800
3. Aviation Research and Development Project (AvRDP) and other relevant developments [linked to ET-MHS OP Expected Output 2]  
3.1 PPT. 3.1 Summary of outcomes of work progress of AvRDP2 including latest science plan 0805
3.2 PPT. 3.2 Main outcomes from the AvRDP SSC meeting (26-28 Sept 2022) 0835
3.3 --- Summary of the ICAO Hazardous Weather Information Service (HWIS) concept and work progress 0905
  --- Coffee break 0920
3.4 --- Open forum discussion and identification of key points on ET-MHS contribution to AvRDP2 and HWIS concept 0950
4. Scientific and technological developments  [linked to ET-MHS OP Expected Output 1]  
4.1 PPT.4.1 MET information to support ATM in Costa Rica 1040
4.2 --- Near Real time Verification of Cumulonimbus cloud (Cb) Nowcast, in Australia 1055
4.3 PPT Inflight Icing Capability Overview and R&D 1110
4.4 PPT Machine Learning for Nowcasting rainfall and severe convection for Aviation Applications 1120
  --- Lunch break 1130
5. Other Expected Outputs of ET-MHS
5.1 PPT. 5.1 Update on the Rolling Review of Requirements process, Statement of Guidance on Aeronautical Meteorology and High-level Guidance document [linked to ET-MHS Op Expected Output 3] 1230
5.2 PPT. 5.2 Articles for WMO Services for Aviation Newsletters [linked to ET-MHS OP Expected Output 5] 1240
5.3 --- Progress reporting by ET-MHS to SC-AVI 1250
6. Update to ET-MHS Operating Plan (2020-2023) and schedule of upcoming ET-MHS conference calls 1300
7. Succession planning 1345
  --- Coffee break (20') 1410
8. Summary of actions arising from the meeting, including their respective assignment and deadlines 1430
9. Any other business 1445
10. Closing remarks 1450
--- --- Close of Day 2 1455

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Final Report

The final report of the ET-MHS-2 meeting is available here.

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