Aviation | News | 2021-01-06 | WMO publishes update to WMO-No. 930, Compendium on Tropical Meteorology for Aviation Purposes

WMO has published a 2020 update to WMO-No. 930, Compendium on Tropical Meteorology for Aviation PurposesThe 2020 update is available via the WMO e-Library here in English only.

The Compendium is intended for use by airport and airspace planners and designers, air traffic controllers and flight crew to improve their knowledge of the basic processes governing weather in the tropics as well as the detailed climate and weather of the individual regions in and adjacent to the tropics.

The Compendium can also be used by operational and non-operational meteorologists, including aeronautical meteorological observers and forecasters, as well as meteorological training professionals as valuable reference material and a training aid.

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