Aviation | News | 2022-01-25 | Access resources on SC-AVI Moodle training portal

The Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI) Moodle training portal - available here - provides access to aeronautical meteorology training and guidance material sourced from around the world. The portal's content covers both operational and non-operational aspects of aeronautical meteorology although the primary focus is the specialist needs of the aeronautical meteorological forecaster.

Following the successful conducting of a WMO, United Kingdom Met Office and Meteorological Service Singapore Aviation Meteorology Training Seminar held online in November 2021 (see previous News Item here), the primary resources that supported the seminar are now available more generally within the Moodle training portal.

Access the seminar resources here

The resources can be accessed (for free) with a Moodle user account or with a guest account.

To log in to Moodle or to create an account, click here

For any questions regarding the Moodle training portal, please email the WMO Secretariat.

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