Aviation | News | 2023-01-11 | Update of the communications package addressing proposed amendment to WMO's qualification and competency requirements

Further to the outcomes of the SERCOM-2 session in October 2022 and in advance of the Cg-19 session in May/June 2023, the SC-AVI Expert Team on Education, Training and Competency (ET-ETC) has undertaken a thorough review and update of the communication package that is available to support WMO Members and their service providers in their awareness and understanding of proposed amendments to WMO's qualification and competency requirements of aeronautical meteorological personnel. 

The updated communications package is AVAILABLE HERE. It contains background information and latest news, the proposed amendment to Technical Regulations (WMO-No. 49), Volume I and update to WMO-No. 1209, downloadable information sheets and frequently asked questions...AND MORE!

Any questions for clarification on the proposals can be submitted directly to ET-ETC via a discussion forum (see here) or sent to the WMO Secretariat (aviation@wmo.int). 

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