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Guide to Services for Aviation (WMO-No. 732)

A proposed update to the Guide to Practices for Meteorological Offices Serving Aviation (WMO-No. 732) has been prepared by the Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI).

Corresponding with Recommendation 1 (SC-AVI-2) and draft Recommendation 5.4/1 (SERCOM-2), the proposed major update (new edition) of WMO-No. 732, retitled as the Guide to Services for Aviation (WMO-No. 732), is available via the following link in the English language only: 


In 2023, after approval of the proposed update to WMO-No. 732 by the Executive Council (EC-76, February/March 2023), the Guide to Services for Aviation will be published on the WMO e-Library in English, French, Russian and Spanish.

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