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Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 February 2023 | Rotorua, New Zealand

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List of Participants

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Oral Presentations

Download a PDF of the IWVA-8 Provisional Programme here (last updated 1 February 2023)

United Nations 'Early Warnings for All' Initiative

Presented by Dr Johan Stander, World Meteorological Organization (WMO)


Summary of relevant outcomes of the preceding IAVCEI Scientific Assembly

Presented by Dr Sara Barsotti et al, WMO Advisory Group on Volcanic Science for Applications


Session 1: Airframe, engine and avionics susceptibility developments and industry needs

Item Title (click to view short abstract) Presented by Affiliation Presentation (click to view slides)
1.1 Furthering Our Understanding of Aero Engine Susceptibility to Volcanic Ash and Sulphur Dr Rory Clarkson Rolls-Royce cover-clarkson
1.2 Thoughts on Volcanic Ash – Pilots´ Perspective Klaus Sievers IFALPA cover-sievers
1.3 The Change to Quantitative Volcanic Ash for Airlines Graham Rennie IATA cover-rennie
1.4 Policy, Research, and Activities related to Volcanic Ash Clouds and Gases in the Federal Aviation Administration Karen Shelton-Mur FAA cover-shelton-mur
1.5 Managing Aviation Operations in an Increasing Complex Environment John Monks British Airways cover-monks

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Session 2: Recent developments and upcoming challenges and opportunities for volcano observatories and meteorological services

Item Title (click to view short abstract) Presented by Affiliation Presentation (click to view slides)
2.1 State Volcano Observatories of Southern South America and VAAC Buenos Aires – Collaborations and Challenges for the Next Decade Sebastian Garcia[1] SEGEMAR cover-lazarte-zerpa
2.2 Volcanic Ash Risk Map and Mitigation Plans on Indonesian Aviation Service Using Geospatial Technique Dewa Pradnya BMKG cover-pradnya
2.3 Operating the Aviation Colour Code System at European Volcano Observatories – Experiences and Challenges Dr Sara Barsotti IMO cover-barsotti
2.4 Five volcano observatories, three VAACs, 161 potentially active volcanoes: volcano monitoring across the United States and territories Dr Natalia Deligne USGS cover-deligne
2.5 Developments in Volcano Monitoring at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute Dr Elske de Zeeuw van Dalfsen KNMI cover-dezeeuwvandalfsen
2.6 Coordination of Volcanic Eruption Observation and Reporting in Solomon Islands Solomon Sammy SIMS cover-sammy

[1] on behalf of Ivonne Alejandra Lazarte Zerpa, Instituto Geofísico del Perú.

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Session 3: The next generation of volcanic hazard services for aviation

Item Title (click to view short abstract) Presented by Affiliation Presentation (click to view slides)
3.1 Quantitative Volcanic Ash Information at VAAC Buenos Aires – Developments and Tests to Achieve the Initial Operating Capabilities  Dr Soledad Osores SNM cover-osores
3.2 Introduction of Quantitative Volcanic Ash Information Services at VAAC Darwin Dr Jarrad Denman BOM cover-denman
3.3 Evaluating Probabilistic Forecasts of Volcanic Emissions Dr Alice Crawford NOAA cover-crawford
3.4 Towards Sulphur Dioxide Forecast Information Services Dr Claire Witham  UKMO cover-witham

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Poster Presentations

Download a PDF of the list of IWVA-8 Poster Presentations here

Item Title (click to view short abstract) Presented by Affiliation Poster (click to view)
1 An Attempt to Obtain Semi-Automatic Polygons of Volcanic Ash Presence using Artificial Intelligence Dr Soledad Osores[2] SMN IWVA-8_Poster-Presentation_Vita-Sanchez
2 VAAC Darwin's Dispersion Ensemble Prediction System 2: New Capabilities and Improved Science Dr Jarrad Denman[3] BOM IWVA-8_Poster-Presentation_Lucas
3 The Effect of the 2021 Volcanic Eruption of La Soufriere on Barbados from the Perspective of a Small Island Developing State’s National Meteorological Service Shanice Whitehall BMS IWVA-8_Poster-Presentation_Whitehall
4 Retrieval of Volcanic Ash Base Height Based on Active and Passive Satellites and Machine Learning Algorithm Prof. ZHU Lin CMA IWVA-8_Poster-Presentation_Zhu
5 Identification of Volcanic Ash Distribution Using Himawari-8 Satellite with RGB Technique (Case Study: Ili Lewotolok Mount Eruption on 29 November 2020) Dr Yosafat Donni Haryanto STMKG IWVA-8_Poster-Presentation_Haryanto
6 Identification of Mount Agung Volcanic Ash Using Satellite Imagery and WRF-CHEM Models Dr Yosafat Donni Haryanto[4] STMKG [Withdrawn]
7 Impact of Volcanic Ash Handling on Flight Operations using Integrated Web-based Aeronautical Information System (I-WISH) Platform Dewa Pradnya[5] BMKG IWVA-8_Poster-Presentation_Edralin
8 Introduction to AWS-based Volcanic Ash Forecasting System Dr ZHAN Yizhe MetService IWVA-8_Poster-Presentation_Zhan
9 Addressing Pilots Concern on Volcanic Ash SIGMET over the Honiara Flight Information Region Solomon Sammy SIMS IWVA-8_Poster-Presentation_Sammy
10 A Digital Twin Component for Operational Forecast of Volcanic Dispersal and Fallout Prof. Arnau Folch CSIC IWVA-8_Poster-Presentation_Folch

[2] on behalf of Maximiliano Sergio Vita Sanchez, SMN; [3] on behalf of Dr Chris Lucas, BOM; [4] on behalf of Agung Hari Saputra, STMKG; [5] on behalf of Rajasain Edralin, BMKG.

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