Research Expert Network

As a non-constituent body, the Research Board has the mandate to convene the large international scientific community, who engage with WMO and who value the opportunity to enhance the societal impact of their research through the relationship with WMO (Cg-18, Resolution 8).

To facilitate this engagement opportunity, the Research Board established the Research Expert Network in the WMO Experts Database to have the Research experts clearly identified. The nomination process is similar to the process for the Expert Network for the Technical Commissions. The Research Expert Network, as the Expert Network, is a part of the WMO Experts Database.

Structure of the WMO Experts Database

Purpose of Research Expert Network

The purpose of the Research Expert Network is to include experts extending beyond National Meteorological Services to research institutes, academia and the broader network of partner organizations. The Research Network will ensure that experts can be nominated to serve on WMO bodies related to Research, but this will not automatically make them available to serve on intergovernmental bodies. To serve on intergovernmental bodies, nominations should be made to the already existing Expert Network. Experts can be part of both Expert Network and Research Expert Network at the same time.

The solicitation process allows the creation of a pool of potential experts that can be used in the selection process under WMO rules in addition to direct nomination by WMO Members and partners. This solicitation process can be informal through the informal scientific networks, through recommendations of the Research Board bodies, solicited via partner organisations or through open calls. In the case of an open solicitation process, the experts who are already available in the Research Expert Network should be examined and be equally considered in the selection process.

How does nomination work?

Research Network Process

To appoint experts in any of the substructures of the Research Board, the experts must be entered in the Research Expert Network before they can be affiliated to the specific group. In addition to direct nominations by Agency Approvers to the Research Expert Network, experts can also be entered by the Secretariat for approval by the respective Agency Approver to facilitate the inclusion of research experts from the larger community that are not affiliated to a WMO Member or partner. Upon approval by the agency approver the expert becomes available in the research expert network and is eligible for the appointment to serve in sub-groups of the Research Board. 

When an expert is entered by the Secretariat the Agency Approver of the respective Member or partner will receive an email notification with the information about the expert as well as instructions on how to proceed. From this email, the Agency Approver will be able to go to the Community Platform where they will be able to approve or reject the participation of the expert in the Research Network.