What is an Agency Approver?

Collectively, WMO Permanent Representatives, identified focal points and other competent authorities from national institutions or international organizations are referred to in the WMO Community Platform as “Agency Approvers” and are authorized to act on behalf of a Permanent Representative or WMO Partner organization to:

  • Serve as a contact person for matters related to the WMO Monitoring and Evaluation System;
  • Monitor and maintain details in the WMO Member or Partner profile database;
  • Respond to and coordinate the processing of questionnaires, including delegating particular thematic areas to relevant experts;
  • Authorize the representation of experts in WMO activities, including and associated expert team and working groups ;
  • Add and maintain contacts from the Member country/state or territory, or Partner Organization in the WMO Members and Partners contact management system;
  • Request the secretariat to review details and update the contents of the WMO Community Platform where necessary.

In order to add an Agency Approver to your Member/partner go to the Section "How to add and remove Agency Approvers to Experts" in the User guide.