HydroSOS Lake Victoria Basin (LVB) Stakeholders and Technical Workshop

Following the end of the HydroSOS pilot phase, hydroSOS end-of-pilot-phase report was approved in Cg-EXT (2021), the way forward is to start implementing and operationalizing HydroSOS globally through regional implementation plans led by Regional Association (RAs). The Lake Victoria Basin HydroSOS Stakeholders and Technical Workshop aims to convene key NMHS experts and stakeholders from LVB to kick-start the development of HydroSOS products for the basin, develop an implementation roadmap for submission to potential funders, define HydroSOS activity to be covered under the project CREWS East Africa, and facilitate partnerships towards the implementation of HydroSOS in LVB.

This workshop is the first step of a larger process to implement HydroSOS in LVB.


The workshop will provide the space to gather NMHSs experts and key regional stakeholders to define the current capacities of the entities that will produce HydroSOS information in LVB, as well as needs and requirements from potential end-users. The meeting’s main objectives are to:

  • Establish partnerships and linkages with existing activities relevant for the for the implementation of the system in LVB;
  • Develop a roadmap and milestones to full HydroSOS implementation including the review and validation of this concept note;
  • Understand the needs, expectations, opportunities and challenges, and perspectives at the regional and local levels to refine the development of project activities and products;
  • Identify the demonstrator basin(s) and the potential benefits of HydroSOS to Members; and
  • Develop implementation plan for demonstrator development in 2023 under the CREWS East Africa project.


Please click here for the full agenda.