RA III HydroSOS Implementation Workshop

Following the end of the HydroSOS pilot phase, hydroSOS end-of-pilot-phase report was approved in Cg-EXT (2021), the way forward is to start implementing and operationalizing HydroSOS globally through regional implementation plans led by Regional Association (RAs). The Regional Association for South America (RA III) HydroSOS Implementation Workshop aims to convene the experts from all RA III countries to developm the RA III HydroSOS Implementation Plan..

This workshop is the first step of a larger process to implement HydroSOS in RA III. It is divided in two parts:

  • Pre-session (virtual) on 8 December 15-17h UTC for a general discussion on HydroSOS.
  • Workshop (hybrid) from 13-15 December for the preparation of the HydroSOS Implementation Plan.


  • Understand HydroSOS and its requirements.
  • Understand national needs, expectations, opportunities and challenges to define the development of HydroSOS project activities and products;
  • Develop the RA III HydroSOS Implementation plan;


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