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The seamless five-year Interagency Work Plan presents the following joint high-level goals on four thematic areas:

  1. Climate and Health: Enhance health system resilience to climate variability and climate change through improved evidence, capacity, provision, and application of climate information products and services to health policy and programming.
  2. Weather, Climate, Hydrological Extreme events, and Health Emergencies: Enhance Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management to better understand, anticipate, and manage health risks of extreme weather, climate, and hydrological events, and benefit from Multi-hazard Early Warning Systems.
  3. Atmosphere and Environment: Strengthen and harmonize air quality and radiation-related monitoring, modeling, and use of atmospheric and environmental science in public health, including in environmental emergencies.
  4. Water and Health: Enhance water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector climate risk management capacity to maintain and improve access to and quality of water and sanitation through improved availability and use of climate and hydrological information products and services.



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