5th RA II Hydrological Advisers Forum

5th RA II HA Forum



The 5th Hydrological Advisers Forum for Region II (Asia) was held virtually through videoconference on 15 December 2022. Dr. Sung Kim, Regional Hydrological Adviser for RA II chaired the meeting which saw the participation of Hydrological Advisers and other experts from 15 Members in the region along with the staff from WMO.

The main objective of the 5th Forum was to update Members on some of the outcomes from key regional meetings such as the First face-to-face RA II CP-Hydrology Meeting, the 18th session of the RA II Management Group meeting and to also discuss the development of the RA II HydroSOS Implementation Plan. The meeting also served as an opportunity for the RA II Members to get acquainted with the experts nominated to deliver on the RA II Operating Plan for hydrology and water resources.




1. Opening Remarks (Dr. Stefan Uhlenbrook, Director, Hydrology, Water and Cryosphere Branch)

2. Introduction of new participants and RA II experts (Dr. Hwirin Kim, Head, Hydrological and Water Resources Services Division (HWR))

3.Updates since last RA II HA Forum (Dr. Sung Kim, Regional Hydrological Adviser RA II and Co-chair RA II CP-Hydrology)

4. RA II Operating Plan (Dr. Hyo Seob Cho, Chair RA II CP-Hydrology & Mr. Nakul Prasad, Project Officer, (HWR))

5. RA II HydroSOS Implementation Plan (Dr. Sung Kim)

6. Any other business (Dr. Sung Kim)

7. Next meeting dates and tentative topics for discussion (Dr. Sung Kim)

8. Closing remarks (Dr. Sung Kim)


Documents from the meeting