First Hydrological Advisers Forum RA V - South-west Pacific

Region 5 - South-West-Pacific group picture


  1. Opening Speech by PRA V and Chair, HCP 
  2. Introduction to RA V Hydrological Advisers’ Forum
  3. Introduction of participants (Round the table)
  4. On-going hydrological-related topics: 
    • Nomination of Hydrological Advisers and their roles
    • Hydrological Survey
    • Covid-19 Survey
    • Nomination of experts to the WMO Expert Network
    • WMO Data Policy on Hydrology
  5. Global Hydrological Status and Outlook System (HydroSOS) and Pacific-HYCOS
  6. Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM) Help Desk
  7. Hydrological Challenges and Needs (2021-2024) in RA V and Regional Association Structure
  8. Any other business