First Hydrological Advisers Forum, Region III - South America

The 1st Hydrological Advisers Forum of the World Meteorological Organization - Region III South Amercia (WMO RA III) was held by videoconference on 8 October 2020. It was chaired by the Regional Hydrological Adviser of RA III, Ms Silvana Alcoz, and brought together Hydrological Advisers and Permanent Representatives from the 12 countries in the region, as well as members of the regional working group in hydrology and staff from the WMO Secretariat.

The agenda was the following:

  1. Introduction to the Hydrological Advisers Forum of RA III (S. Alcoz)
  2. Round-the table presentations
  3. Governance of WMO and brief update on the Regional Association structure discussions (S. Alcoz)
  4. WMO-related issues: HAs nominations, Hydro Survey, nominations of experts to the WMO Research Board and WMO Expert Network (C. Caponi)
  5. Hydrological Data and WMO Data Policy (S. Alcoz)
  6. Discussion on a possible common RA III position on data policy (all)
  7. Any other business (incl. date and selection of topics of next forum)



Report of the meeting (in Spanish)


Operational Hydrology

WMO Governance and RA III

WMO hydrology issues in RA III

WMO Data Policy