Second Hydrological Advisers Forum RA V - South-west Pacific

Photo from 2nd RA V HA Forum

The 2nd Hydrological Advisers Forum for Region V (South-west Pacific) was held virtually through videoconference on 18 March 2021. Mr. John Fenwick, Regional Hydrological Adviser for RA V chaired the meeting which saw the participation of Hydrological Advisers and other experts from 9 Members in the region along with the staff from WMO.

The main objectives of the 2nd Forum were to provide the Members with an update on the developments since the 1st Forum and to also discuss on the potential working structure for RA V with regards to hydrology in anticipation of the upcoming RA V Management Group meeting and, the RA V session which is scheduled for the latter half of 2021.



1. Opening Remarks by Regional Hydrological Adviser (J. Fenwick)

2. Introduction of participants (All participants)

3. Updates from the 1st RA V Hydrological Advisers Forum (J. Fenwick)

4. Outcomes of SERCOM-1(II) session related to hydrology (H. Kim, Head of Hydrological and Water Resources Services Division, WMO)

5. Preparation for upcoming RA V session (J. Fenwick)

6. WMO Flash Flood Guidance System (M. Dordevic, Project Officer, Flash Flood Guidance System, WMO)

7. Meteorology, Climatology and Hydrology Database Management System (N. Ravalitera, Scientific Officer, WMO)

8. Any other business (suggestions for future topics)


Documents from the meeting