2nd Hydrological Advisers Forum, Region III - South America

Group Picture 2nd RA III Hydrological Advisers Forum


The 2nd Hydrological Advisers Forum of the World Meteorological Organization - Region III South America (WMO RA III) was held by videoconference on 25 March 2021. It was chaired by the acting Regional Hydrological Adviser of RA III, Mr Fabio Bernal, and brought together Hydrological Advisers and Permanent Representatives from 7 countries in the region, as well as relevant staff of the WMO Secretariat.

Taking into account the decisions taken in the 18th session of the RA III and ongoing restructuring process for WMO Regional Associations, this specific forum focused on:

  • Having an information session on the Water and Climate Coalition
  • Learning about the process behind the creation of the WMO Action Plan on Hydrology and provide AR III perspectives to the document
  • Organizing for the Action Plan for Hydrology in the RA IIIas a contribution to the Operational Plan of RA III


  1. Welcome (F. Bernal, acting Regional Hydrological Adviser for RA III)
  2. Message from the President of RA III (Y. González, President of RA III)
  3. Water and Climate Coalition (WCC) + discussion (J. Cullmann, Director Water and Cryosphere, WMO)
  4. WMO Action Plan for hydrology + discussion (J. Danhelka, Chair of the WMO Hydrological Coordination Panel)
  5. Action Plan for Hydrology in the RA III, Working Group in Hydrology and Water Resources + discussion (F. Bernal)
  6. Any other issues (including date and possible topics for next forum) 

*interpretation between Spanish and English was available

Useful documents

Report of the meeting and presentations