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Eleventh Session of the RA VI Working Group in Hydrology

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Tenth Session of the RA VI Working Group in Hydrology

The fourteenth session of the Regional Association VI, which met in Heidelberg (Germany) in September 2005, re-established the Working Group on Hydrology  (WGH) for the inter-sessional period 2006-2009 and re-appointed Mr Jan Kubát (Czech Republic) for a second term as Regional Hydrological Advisor and chair of the Group. It also designated Mr J.-M. Tanguy (France) as vice-chairperson. The Association also established sub-groups and appointed the following core members as chairs or experts of the WGH:

  • Mr I. Karro (Sweden), chairperson of the Subgroup on Flood Forecasting and Warning
  • Ms I. Simota (Romania) as expert on Public Relations and Visibility of Hydrological Services
  • Mr M. Puupponen (Finland) as expert on Networking for contribution to regional initiatives related to water
  • Mr T. Kokkonen (Finland) as expert on Climate and Water
  • Mr V. Vuglinsky (Russian federation) as expert on Water Monitoring and Assessment
  • Mr  B. Ozga-Zielinski (Poland) as expert on Potential Extreme Floods
  • Ms G. Monacelli (Italy) as expert on Drought Assessment and Forecasting.

It also adopted by its resolution 17 (XIV-RA VI) the WGH  programme of work on the basis of a proposal developed at the WGH meeting in Pruhonice, Prague (Czech Republic) in May2005 (report of the session).


WGH cooperation with European Union and its bodies

Cooperation with European Union is particularly focused on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and aims at increasing the involvement and contribution of NHSs in the process.

To support the implementation of the WFD and ensure the consistent application of its principles in all EU member states, the European commission has established a Common Implementation Strategy (CIS).  The NHSs of the European countries recognize the need of having proper representation in this mechanism and tasked the WGH to voice their concerns in the various working groups stemming from the CIS. The RA VI WGH has been granted observer status in the CIS and the following WGH members are participating in CIS activities:

  • Strategic Coordination Group – M. Puupponen (Finland) as observer
  • WG on Reporting – R. Busskampf (Germany)
  • WG on Groundwater – E. Kullman (Slovak Republic)
  • Water scarcity and droughts forum – G. Monacelli (Italy)
  • WG on Floods  – B. Ozga-Zielinski (Poland) and I. Karro (Sweden)

The WGH and the EU Joint Research Centre (Institute for Environment and Sustainability) of Ispra are also exploring way for cooperating in the area of establishment of standards on hydrological data quality, data exchange, observation and processing.


WGH and RA VI Strategic Plan and Action Plan

The Regional Association nominated Mr J. Kubát, as member of the task team for the preparation of the RA VI Strategic Plan and Action Plan as representative of the RA VI hydrological community in his capacity of Regional Hydrological Adviser. The WGH, along with the other regional WG, provided inputs to their formulation. The strategic plan has been adopted in late 2007.

As it concerns hydrology and water resources, the plan recognizes the need for prevention and mitigation of natural disasters through early warning and vulnerability assessment; the ever greater needs, requirements and capabilities to deliver new and further services, especially in respect of water-sensitive economy, climate change, water resources management; the general decrease in funding for NHSs, and the subsequent need for improvements to the infrastructure, especially in the east of the Region. It consequently sets a number of priority areas of intervention such as increasing the number of national and cross–boundary flood warning and alert systems, improving the capabilities of NHS for hydrological forecasts and analysis. It puts emphasis on the implementation of pilot projects, such as the proposal for the reinforcement of hydrometeorological forecasts on the Sava River basin and on the improvement of national capabilities for water resources assessment, in light of the foreseeable impacts of climate change.

(RA VI Strategic and action plan full version)


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