Preliminary 2023 edition of the Guide to Operational Weather Radar Best Practices

The Guide to Operational Weather Radar Best Practices has been developed by the INFCOM Joint Expert Team on Operational Weather Radars (JET-OWR) with the aim to become an important source of guidance material on various aspects of the operational weather radar. The guide provides complementary and supportive guidance on the weather radar-related matters already available in the Guide to Instruments and Methods of Observation (WMO-No. 8) and in the Guide to WIGOS (WMO-No. 1165).

The preliminary 2023 edition of the Guide to Operational Weather Radar Best Practices includes new Volumes I, II, III, and VII and it is now available for the Members’ review.

You are invited to examine the volumes available from the table below and send your detailed comments or suggestions to the WMO Secretariat, to the attention of Mr Krunoslav Premec at:, preferably through the Permanent Representative of your country with WMO. Please submit your comments at your earliest convenience, but not later than 17 October 2022by using the template accessible here. Your valuable feedback will be considered for the development of the Provisional 2023 Edition that will be submitted to the upcoming second session of the Commission for Observation, Infrastructure and Information Systems (INFCOM-2) for approval.

Notes: Remaining volumes (IV, V, VI and VIII) are still under development.

PREliminary 2023 edition of the guide to Operational Weather Radar Best Practices  





Weather Radar Network Program Design



Weather Radar Technology



Weather Radar Procurement



Weather Radar Data Representation and Exchange