The Annual Global Monitoring

The Annual Global Monitoring (AGM)

The Annual Global Monitoring (AGM) is carried out in October each year.

The WWW centres are invited to monitor SYNOP, TEMP, PILOT and CLIMAT reports from the RBSCNs (Regional Basic Synoptic/Climatological Network) stations in accordance with the responsibility taken for the exchange of data on the GTS (Global Telecommunication System):

        • The NMCs (National Meteorological Centres) should monitor data from their own territory;
        • RTHs(Regional Telecommunication Hubs) should at least monitor data from their associated NMCs and their own Region;
        • WMCs(World Meteorological Centres) and RTHs located on the MTN (Main Telecommunication Network) should monitor the complete global data set.


The results of the AGM make it possible to compare the availability of the reports received from RBSCN stations at the NMC responsible for inserting the data in the Regional Meteorological Telecommunication Network (RMTN), at the associated RTH and at MTN centres. The differences in the availability of data between centres are due to the following main reasons:

        • differences of requirements in the reception of data;
        • shortcomings in the relay of the data on the GTS;
        • data not monitored:
        • differences in the implementation of the monitoring procedures at centres.