Guide to Operational Weather Radar Best Practices

A primary activity of the WMO Joint Expert Team on Operational Weather Radars (JET-OWR) is the development of new and more detailed developmental, operational and technical guidance on weather radars. This guidance is currently being written with the objective to provide a single point of reference for operational weather radar practices in the form of the Guide to Operational Weather Radar Best Practices.

An introduction to the Guide to Operational Weather Radar Best Practices is available here (presentation given by Dr. Daniel Michelson at Japan Meteorological Agency weather radar workshop in January 2023. Recording courtesy of JMA).

An additional description of the expected content of the guide is available here

Provisional 2023 Edition of Volumes I-III and VII was endorsed by the second session of the Commission for Observation, Infrastructure and Information Systems (INFCOM-2) in October 2022 and by the seventy-sixth session of the Executive Council (EC-76) in February 2023. 

Volume Content Draft Available for Review
I Weather Radar Network Program Design Provisional 2023 Edition
II Weather Radar Technology Provisional 2023 Edition
III Weather Radar Procurement Provisional 2023 Edition
IV Weather Radar Siting, Configuration and Scan Strategies Coming soon
V Weather Radar Calibration, Monitoring and Maintenance Coming soon
VI Weather Radar Data Processing Coming soon
VII Weather Radar Data Representation and International Exchange Provisional 2023 Edition
VIII Weather Radar Glossary of Terminology Coming soon