Inter-Programme Expert Team on Operational Weather Radars

IPET-OWR Basic Information

The CIMO Inter-Programme Expert Team on Operational Weather Radars was established by WMO Executive Council (Decision 35 EC-68, 2016) under the Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observations (CIMO) and under the joint management of CIMO and the Commission for Basic Systems (CBS).


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IPET-OWR Terms of Reference

Within the WIGOS framework, under the governance of CIMO and the joint guidance of CIMO and CBS, act as the WMO primary working group on operational weather radars (S, C and X band) with responsibility to:

a) Develop and propose regulatory and guidance material on:

i) Standardization of, and regulations and guidance on, systems requirements and specifications, quality control, maintenance and operation, data processing algorithms, data products and data quality monitoring, weather radar composites, and scanning strategies;

ii) Response to requirements of data users; and

iii) Training and capacity development.

(b) Contribute to development of methods, models and formats for the international exchange of weather radar data and metadata;
(c) Provide advice on network design;
(d) Provide guidance on radio-frequency allocation and protection;
(e) Review and report on potential operational developing and emerging weather radar research and technologies;
(f) Collaborate with other international and regional organizations on relevant matters, particularly including international standards organizations and research bodies and associations;
(g) Collaborate with and respond to the requests of WMO constituent bodies, as appropriate;
(h) Develop and document proposals for the activities of the Inter-Programme Expert Team;
(i) Report on issues, activities and progress to CIMO and CBS.
*Note: This joint CIMO-CBS Inter-Programme Expert Team is governed and coordinated by CIMO, in collaboration with CBS.