Draft text: 

In accordance with GBON provisions the Manual on WIGOS (WMO-No. 1160, paragraph 3.2.2) a GBON surface land observing station shall observe a minimum number of required variables. The reporting practices for the GBON required variables are described in the following section. The BUFR template <3 07 096> provides the necessary elements to report a full SYNOP observation in BUFR. The variables normally reported in a SYNOP are recommended for GBON stations and their reporting practices are described in regulation B/C1. Reporting of variables not required by GBON is recommended but shall not affect the required GBON transmission schedule, nor substantially delay the reporting.

Snow is a GBON required parameter and shall be reported using BUFR template <3 07 103> (see 1.1.2) and the relevant elements in template <3 07 096>. Two different messages shall be produced for the BUFR templates <3 07 096> and <3 07 103> if the station is reporting snow and other GBON parameters.


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